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Your Code,
Your Way, Effortlessly.

Hubot is not just another code generation tool; it's a game-changer for developers.



Hubot is an intelligent code generation platform that empowers developers by automating and simplifying the code writing process. We understand the challenges developers face, from tedious coding tasks to searching for documentation, and we're here to make your development journey smoother and more efficient.

Our Vision

At Hubot, our vision is to empower developers worldwide, revolutionizing the way they create software. We aspire to build a future where coding is no longer a tedious and time-consuming task but a creative and streamlined process.

Hubot's vision extends beyond code generation; it encompasses the democratization of development, the enhancement of developer experiences, and the creation of a global network of creators, innovators, and problem solvers. Join us on this exciting journey as we work towards a future where coding is truly a pleasure, not a chore.



Intent-Centric Code Generation

Hubot's groundbreaking approach focuses on your intent and requirements. Just express what you need, and our AI system will generate code that aligns with your intent, saving you time and effort.

Intent-Analyst AI System

Our AI system learns from GitHub code repositories, identifies patterns, and generates high-quality code tailored to your deployment environment. Say goodbye to repetitive code and hello to efficient coding.

Code Training System

 Our deep learning and natural language processing capabilities enable us to understand and analyze GitHub code repositories, ensuring our code generation is informed by industry best practices and coding standards.


Token Economics

The $HBT token lies at the heart of Hubot's ecosystem:

  • Code Contribution Rewards: Developers who contribute code for AI training can earn HBT tokens as rewards based on code quality and innovation.

  • Subscription Fees and Discounts: Developers using our AI-generated code service pay subscription fees in HBT tokens. Staking HBT tokens unlocks discounts on subscription fees.

  • Governance Rights: All HBT token holders can stake their tokens to gain governance rights and help shape the future of Hubot.

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